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Sweet Joy-Filled Garden Wedding – Maria & Greg

“Upstairs in the mansion suite, Maria and her girls were getting ready. Music blared, glasses clinked and laughter rang throughout the halls. These girls were a blast! What was even more special was watching Maria and her soon-to-be stepdaughter get ready together. The squeals could break your eardrums. They even picked out a special bracelet for Bridget to wear, and she insisted on giving her the spotlight multiple times during the morning. How sweet is that? #momgoals”

“The entire garden was alive with anticipation. Butterflies flitted all around. Greg and his daughter walk down the aisle together sharing in a can-never-be-duplicated daddy daughter smile. They were both so happy to welcome Maria into their family and it really showed. This was it. Wedding Time! Maria enters through the grove of trees and she just couldn’t stop smiling or bouncing on her toes, and when Greg saw her- Man! The grin on that groom-to-be was unmistakable! I’m telling you, Maria is just one of those people that spreads ALL the good energy and joy. She was so excited to get married to Greg. Greg was so excited to marry her, and by the end of all the sweet tears, passionate kiss and cheering, everyone was full to the brim with excitement! It was a party in the gardens. Complete with butterflies!”

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Sweet Joy-Filled Garden Wedding – Maria & Greg

Photographer: Amanda MacPhee Studios // Venue: Gramercy Mansion // Officiant: Grey Rock Mansion

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