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The Club of Knights Wedding – Erica & William

These lovebirds’ story began in March 2009 in Washington, D.C. William was visiting his cousin who attended college with Erica.

Upon first meeting, William introduced himself as “Willo[w],” which Erica thought was so unique, further driving their initial conversation. They did not exchange numbers after first meeting; however, they crossed paths again before William was departing to head back to Houston; Erica was staying in D.C. They then decided to keep in touch, although they originally opted not to pursue a long-distance relationship. They lost communication after a few months.

After two years, in October 2011, they randomly reconnected via social media. A lot had changed since 2009, but they picked right back up where they had left off, and they are so happy that they did! They both reminisce about their story periodically and realise more and more each day that their union is meant to be.

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Photographer: Lenisse Komatsu Photography // Venue: The Club of Knights

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