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Thirty One Cakes – bespoke cake design studio

So, as you may know, we only “advertise” brands that we really love because we always want to stay true to ourselves and make sure that we’re only promoting products/companies that we would use ourselves. Well… with this bespoke cake design studio we just HAD to shout about them on the blog because we drool over their scrumptious baking on Instagram and lust for cake on a daily basis. Thirty One Cakes is a bespoke cake design studio with a passion for floral, metallics and flavour. The design process for them is so exciting! Each bride brings new inspiration – they take design ideas from wedding flowers, the bride‚Äôs dress, wedding stationery and the venue decor. Handmade sugar flowers, influenced by the bridal flowers, form the focal point of the design. They are hugely inspired by the big trailing bridal flowers that are on trend, full of foliage, greenery and big bold blooms. Installations and bouquets from artists like Jay Archer, have a beautiful tumbling feel that works so well on a cake with three tiers or more.

Honestly, you need to check this Instagram out and seriously consider getting your wedding cake from there! (And you can thank us by sending us cake… we’ll happily accept a tasting box with lemon blueberry & cream cheese, white chocolate & raspberry, Madagascan vanilla bean, and orange, almond & mascarpone *drool*) Their cakes are a two-part show stopper – as well as the intricate detail in the decoration, once cut each portion shows 4 beautiful layers of cake with three layers of filling. Are you drooling yet?!

Every element of their cakes is made from scratch, using the best possible ingredients. Each recipe goes through many trials before added to their menu ensuring that every cake is perfect every time. They experiment with the recipes to achieve the best balance of flavour as well as the perfect texture for a neat cut. We love all the images of slices of cake with little forks… just waiting to be eaten!

At Thirty One Cakes they take pride in producing every component with organic free-range eggs, unrefined sugar and French butter. They have a recipe log of fruity jams, zesty curds, nut pralines and cakes ranging from light sponges to more dense and luxurious mud cakes to offer a broad range of flavours and textures. They take great pride in delivering a luxurious cake, with bespoke detailing that reflects your style and draws together the other elements of your day.

We were in no way paid to write this piece… because their cake deserves the world to know about it!!
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