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Twin Oaks Farm Wedding – Robin & Anthony

Robin and Anthony met during their time in tech school, which is where the military learns and trained them on the specific job they’ve chosen. They are both in the Airforce, and Robin stated, “I was sitting in what we called the “snack shack” after a long day at class and was laughing at something my friend had said when a really handsome guy walked through the door. Now, keep in mind that I had just graduated from Basic Military Training (two months with nothing but healthy, “good for you” food) and I was really hurting. As fate would have it he just so happened to be carrying a 10 piece chicken nugget. We made eye contact, he smiled, and then he walked over to say his very first words to me. “Want a chicken nugget?” We got to know each other and I think I ended up eating the rest of the nuggets by the end of the night.”

When it comes to shared interests, Anthony and Robin both love video games. “We’ve always got each others backs in Call of Duty, and we love playing Destiny together. Destiny is a one player game and we always fight over the controller. It’s actually gotten to the point that I think we’re going to buy another game console to be able play with each other. Anthony has taught me how to longboard and even bought me my own. He’s also attempted to teach me how to play basketball (even though I’m hopeless). I love to paint and I’m always painting him things to put around our house, even sketching him when he isn’t looking.
Anthony absolutely loves to watch movies. He’s seen them all, to include the old black and white movies. And since I grew up with a, “go outside and play” childhood I haven’t really seen any. I can’t say that I’m not enjoying catching up on them all while sitting by his side. I would tell you his favorite movie but every time he’s been asked, he gives a different answer.”

This elegant wedding was all planned by Robin while she was stationed in Turkey! She had such an eye for details and did such an amazing job pulling the colors and look together – down to the table setting details with the heather or orchid on each napkin. The details in her cute wedding favors included small vials of tea for her guest. Anthony’s Air Force tie pin was a nice touch that completed his attire.

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Photographer: Kanella Photography // Venue: Twin Oaks Farm Weddings // Floral Designer: Rhapsody in Blooms // Equipment Rentals: Southern Vintage

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