Stacy Oakley Calligraphy

Stacy Oakley Calligraphy

Stacy is an independent calligrapher working from her home in Surrey. She spent 3 years researching and practising her craft before starting to take on select clients who’s vision aligns with her style, which borders the lines between traditional and modern lettering.

She is passionate about weddings, and loves hearing about the smallest details that can allow her calligraphy to fit seamlessly into the perfect day. She believes that beautiful calligraphy should be accessible to all!

Contact Stacy if you are looking for beautiful place names (on any material!), invitations/save the dates, table plans, menus, signage etc. Basically, anything involving letters!

Review from Jade at Let’s Bee Together:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stacy Oakley Calligraphy and I am so pleased with all of the beautiful things she created! We had goody bags, table numbers, and personalised coasters (one of which will forever live on my desk because I love it!)
I admit that I have some weird addiction to watching calligraphy videos on Instagram, but seeing the outcome in reality is even better. I would definitely recommend Stacy!!

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