Engagement Shoots

Vintage car at Sunset Session – Megan & Cole

Megan and Cole decided to go “look” at engagement rings one Sunday afternoon in August. “Cole had no intention of buying one that day but we both fell in love with one.” Of course to receive it at the current sale price, they had to put a down payment on it. The sales lady kicked Megan out of the room so her and Cole could “discuss” something.  Megan didn’t want to be rude and ask him what happened so she changed the subject and when she suggested they should go shopping at the mall, he said: “well probably shouldn’t go shopping since I have $500 less now:)”

“I knew his original plan was to wait until September and ask during bow hunting season, but I also knew once he picked up the ring he wouldn’t be able to keep it to himself. lol”

Then ten days later while shooting their bows, Cole “surprisingly” had to grab something from his truck. He met Megan at the target, dropped down onto one knee and popped the question.

When it came to their engagement session, Megan mentioned her Grandpa collects vintage cars and lives on a beautiful farm just outside of town so these photographs are very personal to this happy couple.

Thank you to Xsperience Photography for sharing these images with us.

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