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Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort Engagement Session – Sarah & Andrew

Sarah and Andrew flew to Walt Disney World from Rochester, New York to spend a week together in their favourite spot and escape a giant snow storm! They first met at happy hour at a local bar! She was about to order a drink with her friend when she looked down the bar and noticed a guy sitting by himself watching a baseball game on his phone, while a group of his friends were chatting and having a good time. She went up to him and said: “Are you really watching a baseball game on your phone in the middle of the bar?”. He looked up very quickly and said “yup” and proceeded to watch the game. She gave her friend a look and went back to order a drink. After a minute or two (there must have been a break in the game!) he got up and came over and said “I’m sorry. That was rude. Can I buy you and your friend a drink?”. They all took a shot, he paid and then walked away to join his group of friends. After giving her friend another look, she marched back up to him, confused and said “You’re just going to buy us a drink and walk away?” and he replied “I wanted to see if you just wanted a free drink or if you actually wanted to talk to me. I’m Andrew” and reached out his hand. They proceeded to talk and exchange numbers that night, and went out to dinner on their first “real date” a few days later!

Once, Andrew and Sarah were on their way to Baltimore, MD. They had about 10 minutes left on their 6-hour drive when she decided to freshen up her makeup while Andrew drove his car. She applied liquid foundation to her face and accidentally did not screw the cap on tight before putting it away. When they arrived in Baltimore, she went to get out of the car only to realised she had spilt liquid foundation all over the seat of Andrew’s car, and it was also all over her jeans. Instead of losing his cool or getting upset, Andrew calmly went to the trunk of his car to grab paper towels and a new pair of jeans for her and assured her not to worry. It seems like a weird moment – but his ability to stay calm and patient with her in a moment that could have been totally chaotic and upsetting made her realise how much she loved him and appreciated him, and how compatible they really are (she is always spilling things or being a total klutz). That weekend was the first time that Andrew and Sarah said: “I love you”!

Andrew and Sarah went back to Baltimore (where they first said I love you!) with two of their best friends for a long weekend to go see a few Orioles’ baseball games and just have a small getaway. On their way there, Andrew drove an hour and a half out of the way (and this is a drive he has done dozens of times) because he was nervous and his mind was elsewhere! When they finally did make it to Baltimore, Andrew insisted they show their friends the view of the city since it was their first time there. They walked to the top of Federal Hill in Baltimore which is very scenic and overlooks the entire city and inner harbour. As they were looking out over the city, their friends dropped back and Andrew got down on one knee and proposed! She was totally surprised and of course, said yes.

Sarah’s ring is a princess cut diamond with a halo! It has a silver band with diamonds all along it.

Andrew and Sarah are incredibly loyal and honest with one another. The level of open communication and trust they have with each other is second to none. Because of that, they can be their true selves around each other without ever having to hold back. They also really love adventures and both love visiting Disney (which is why they decided to do their engagement photos there!) but equally love quiet nights in on the couch and being home with their dog, Dixie.

Thank you to Haleigh Nicole Photography for sharing these photos with us.

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