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100% effort – Jennifer & John

“I don’t really have much advice for other couples aside from trying not to fall into too much societal pressure of what your wedding day “should” be. There’s a lot of things I learned in the wedding planning process, mostly that weddings are for your guests, not for you. They are heavily influenced by family desires of what your wedding (and wedding party) should and should not be, unfortunately. We were fortunate in the sense that we were paying for the majority of the wedding, so we didn’t feel overly guilty saying “no” to certain family wishes or requests (ie. a church wedding) because they were not paying for the wedding itself. I would also add that it takes two to make wedding decisions. One person should not be overly involved or totally isolated in decision making. Wedding planning should be like your marriage should ultimately (hopefully) end up — each person putting in 100% effort!”


Jennifer & John
Married in Modern Wedding in Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC

Photography by f8 Photo Studios

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