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Get a coordinator – Katie & Jordan

“Get a coordinator! I can’t imagine what we would have done without a coordinator. It was amazing walking out to the ceremony and reception area the day of and not to have worried about anything. It truly was the best decision we made, and you never really know you need someone until it is too late! Also, if you’re on the fence about getting a videographer, DO IT. The day really does fly by, and having this video to look back and see the things you missed is the best feeling. We have had so many laughs looking back at our footage and being able to see other people besides ourselves enjoying themselves.  P.S to the bride: Remember to eat! People kept telling me I wouldn’t eat, I didn’t believe them, and I don’t remember eating more than a few bites because of all the people I wanted to talk too. Take that ten minutes and enjoy the time you have to breath, eat the food.”


Katie & Jordan
Married in an Airy Autumn Wedding – Eugene, OR

Photography by Stefanie Bendt Photography

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