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Have someone on the day of to help – Rebekah & Ryan

“Have someone on the day of to help! Even if you don’t hire someone have someone who isn’t attending the wedding to help set up and be there. Last minute one of our friends parents offered to come and help set up and organize throughout the day. They were INCREDIBLE. They took a lot of stress off of my family and helped the day run so smooth. As a couple getting ready to get married what helped us a lot was talking to other couples who were married and years ahead of us. Listen to them, ask them questions, and hear their story. They encouraged us to talk to each other different aspects of marriage before we got there and it has helped us a lot now that we are married.”

By Katherine Elizabeth Photography
By Katherine Elizabeth Photography

Rebekah & Ryan
Married in Sentimental Annapolis Garden Wedding – Annapolis, MD

Photography by Katherine Elizabeth Photography

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