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Hire a planner – Leah & Brandon

“My best wedding advice is to hire a planner, you won’t regret it. And also realize you don’t need the most expensive and elaborate event. The most meaningful parts of the wedding were the personal touches that cost us nothing. For example, my grandmothers as my flower girls, our saved seats in memory of our beloved grandparents, and getting baptized together as a married couple the day after the wedding. The most important thing is your love and keeping God in the center of your lives together!As for marriage advice, since we have only been married for like a minute, all we can say is that God will bring you closer and get you farther all at the same time. Meaning he will strengthen your relationship with each other and carry you through any obstacle you can imagine. Trust him always!”


Leah & Brandon
Married in Pine Lake Wedding, Montgomery, Texas

Images by Nichole Livingston Photography

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