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Hire a wedding planner – Leah & Coleman

“I am a planner and love to organize things, but I knew that I was going to need a little extra help with the more fine details, and hired a wedding planner. Hands down, best investment. I still oversaw everything, but it was great having that additional help with planning, communicating with vendors, and setting up/breaking down everything. I would strongly suggest hiring a planner to help with things if your budget allows. Also, the wedding is all well and good, but just remember what you are really planning for, a marriage. Marriage is a beautiful, sometimes crazy thing that should be cherished. So just keep that in perspective throughout all the chaos of planning and on the day of the wedding.”


Leah & Coleman
Married in 701 Whaley, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Images by Alexis Schwallier Photography LLC

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