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Wedding Advice – It will all work out – Wendy & Michael

“It will all work out. Our entire wedding reception was actually supposed to be on the complete opposite side of the garden but because of extremely windy conditions, the vendors could not set up–it was literally looking like we were going to be running to a nearby bar for an after party. But all of a sudden, a brilliant decision was made to move the reception to the ceremony area where it was a little less windy. Tables started rolling in from across the garden, tablecloths were thrown on the tables, people were able to eat… it all worked out. Essentially. things are inevitably going to happen and may not go as planned. But, in those moments, don’t stress, just go with it. It’s better to have a good positive attitude than panic and obsess over small insignificant details. Remember the big picture: you’re celebrating with friends and family and you’re officialising your commitment to each other.”

Wendy & Michael
Married in Key West, Florida, USA

Images by Freas Photography

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