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Wedding advice – Make a list of all the pictures before the wedding – Emilee & Drew

  • Make a list of all the pictures/ groups of people you want to take pictures with and give it to the photographer before the wedding. Start making this list early because it’s impossible to think of everything.
  • Tell the videographer if there is something you definitely want captured.
  • Make it personal – a good wedding becomes great when you make it personal. People are there to watch two lives join together and they want to know about all the sweet, cute details that got you to that point.
  • Enjoy the process. It will work out!
  • Remember why you decided to get married and think about it constantly. Wedding planning is stressful but it’s also so rewarding.

Todd_McElveen_One Life Photography_WildberryFarm,Christmaswedding_big.EmileeandDrew36

Emilee & Drew
Married in a Christmas themed barn wedding – Marion, SC

Photography by One Life Photography

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