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Map out your due dates – Lauren & Juan

“Wedding Planning advice: map out your due dates, keep a list of things that still need to be completed, don’t sweat the small stuff, keep an eye on the bigger picture. Enjoy every minute of planning and don’t rush the time away because the day of the wedding will go extremely fast and even if there are hiccups along the way just brush them off and have fun because the important part is that you are marrying the love of your life. Being mad or getting upset over something out of your control or something so small will only ruin one of the best days of your life. Marriage advice: communication is key and even if you think that holding it in will be better so that you don’t have to worry your partner it’s not. You two are in this together good or bad and it is better to communicate your feelings and thoughts so that both of you can support each other and help each other when needed. Never go to sleep mad (hence communication) and always kiss good morning and goodnight; oh… and hugs are key!! They help both partners to relax and feel loved so always hug whenever you can.”


Lauren & Juan
Married in Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Images by A Picturesque Memory Photography

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