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Marriage is a support system – Chantell & Brian

“When it comes to wedding planning, every couple has an idea  of what they envision before the planning begins. Try and stay as true to this as you possibly can. People will give you their opinions based on their experiences, but the day is meant to celebrate you as a couple, so it’s really important that you’re both happy with what you choose!From our experience, the best couple advice I can give is to find ways to grow as individuals, together. Marriage is a support system, but you can’t be there for someone else unless you are fulfilled. We have always remained each other’s greatest enthusiasts and I believe it is our greatest quality as a couple. It’s important to be transparent, to reinforce one another and find value in spending time together!”

See more of this elegant wedding here:

Chantell & Brian
Married in a Glamorous Portuguese Wedding – London, ON, Canada

Photography by NovaMarkina Photography

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