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Wedding Advice – Rely on your friends and loved ones – Chen & Shaf

“Rely on your friends and loved ones! Chen and I are blessed to have very talented and generous friends! The photography, alterations, my hat, my hair colour, my boutonniere, her bouquet, her shoes, our squad’s flower crowns, and her dream dress were all thanks to the combined effort and recommendations of friends.”

“Decide what your non-negotiable elements are, your budget, and the amount of time you want to sink into the planning process. I wanted to look nice and not spend a lot of time planning. Chen wanted a specific look and a great lunch location. We both wanted beautiful photographs and visually aesthetic venues for the morning preparations and the ceremony. Make sure you love your photographer and they love you back! It’ll show in your photographs and memories!”


Chen & Shaf
Married in San Francisco, California, USA

Images by f27 Photography

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