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Soak it all in – Jen & Andy

“It really does go as fast as everyone says it goes so be sure to take those moments to soak it all in and remember how special the day truly is. I also think people don’t talk enough about the days right after your wedding. I experienced a little bit of “post-wedding blues” in the immediate days that followed because we had built up so much anticipation for that day that when it went so quickly and then was all of a sudden over I was sad. But luckily we had an amazing honeymoon in Italy that we left on a few days later that allowed me to process everything and remember what was really important —the relationship between us! Plus we got our wedding photos from eileen very shortly after the wedding which allowed us to relive the day over and over again! I think I’d just tell all future brides and grooms that the “post-wedding blues” are normal! And they will pass and eventually allow you to look back on your wedding day with such happiness and love for what you were so lucky to have experienced with everyone you love the most!”


Jen & Andy
Married in Minneapolis, MN

Photography by Eileen K Photography

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