Advice, From Real Couples

Start early – Maya & Carlton

“Wedding planning advice:
– Start early. Even if it’s with little things.
– Delegate as much as possible! It is very stressful trying to do things on your own.
– Come up with your guest list early because it’s a pain trying to gather addresses, and it could potentially push back the date for when your invitations are supposed to go out.
– Enjoy the moment and enjoy the day. SOMETHING will not go as planned, but don’t let that interrupt your joy.

Marriage Advice: Well, we’re still newlyweds, but…..
– Pray together.
– Keep your business between the 2 of you – ONLY.
– Communication is key.
– Say I’m sorry.
– Kiss daily and say “I love you”.”


Maya & Carlton
Married in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Images by Kim Craven Photography

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