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Start Planning ASAP – Danielle & Tanner

“My advice on wedding planning is when you get engaged start planning ASAP, do not wait until the last minute because you will be scrambling and spending more money versus planning ASAP and buying little as you go. We didn’t plan or start buying until 2 months before we got married, it was crazy.”

“Also, HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER! I had multiple people tell me to hire one, and I thought to myself I don’t need a video; I will have pictures of that special day. But after my wedding, as soon as it was over I wish so badly that I would’ve had someone record it. Because that day was so special to us and the moments we shared at the altar after him being so upset but with joy and I have nothing to look back on or watch, besides our pictures.”

Danielle & Tanner
Married in McEwen, Tennessee, USA

Images by Anna Glass Photography

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