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Wedding Advice – stay present – Kristen & Robert

“I took the advice that was given to me and this is what I would pass along: stay present. Stay in every single moment. The details do matter if that is what is important to you but when you are decided on them, remember the bigger purpose… that you are marrying the love of your life. Along the way, things will happen that are unexpected and out of your control. Recognise that no matter what happens, it all works out perfectly! The statement that rather bothered me as the day approached was when someone would say “it goes by so quickly.” It would sometimes take me out of my present tense and take me to when it was already over. I would have to talk myself out of worrying about when it was over and focus on the moment I was in. As far as marriage advice, today marks one month of married bliss for us and so far, so good. Laugh every day. It truly is the greatest gift.”

Kristen & Robert

Kristen & Robert
Married in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Images by Pasha Belman Photography

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