Engagement Shoots

Where our love story started – Erica & James

James proposed to Erica in London at the Shakespeare theatre and there was a photographer hiding in the midst capturing these priceless moments when James asked Erica for her hand in marriage. Erica and James wanted to do their engagement pictures at Wynwood, Florida because this is precisely the place where they had their first date; where they both shared their life experiences and created a bond that attracted them to one another.

Erica says that she loves James because he is optimistic, kind-hearted, generous, honest, dedicated, and logical. She also says that out of all of James’s abilities, her favourite is James ability always to see the positive in every situation “He helps me laugh and forgive when times are difficult and keeps me positive. He brings joy and balance wherever he goes.”

Thank you to Cortiella Photography for sharing these images with us.

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