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Whimsical Underwater Wonderland Trash The Dress Session – Mallorey

Ending an engagement can be a super stressful, if not downright traumatic, experience for a bride. Cancelling plans, telling friends and relatives, informing vendors, and then, of course, there’s the issue of what to do with the wedding dress you’ll no longer be walking down the aisle in. Former bride & Sweet Things DFW owner, Mallorey Bradford was faced with precisely this issue when she called off her wedding a few months before the big day.

Mallorey tried to resell her wedding dress, but it didn’t quite go as well as planned and didn’t resell the way she was hoping. That’s when One Sweet World Images contacted her about potentially taking part in a trash the dress shoot with a difference. The photographer wanted to do an underwater session… but not just any underwater bridal session – she wanted to incorporate an Alice & Wonderland theme.

“Underwater Photography is not only a chance to be weightless and free, but it is also a quiet, serene experience. There is a certain euphoria in an underwater world that is like no other. Fabric, hair, and props take on a whole new dimension” said Kasey Vaitekunas from One Sweet World Images.

When Mallorey got on board with the Alice in Wonderland concept, Kasey reached out to the Design Team at Fete & Frivolity Events to help her build a storyline for the shoot and create efficient, intentional props that would bring the Wonderland to life in a whole new way. There were jewelled flamingos and tiny teacups, as well as a garden of huge underwater flowers. Each scene highlighted iconic images from the original tale in a fresh new way. The creative team collaborated to tell a new underwater story of Alice being prepared for her wedding day by returning to Wonderland: Receiving an invitation to return to Wonderland from the Caterpillar, then falling through the Looking Glass to meet up with the Mad Hatter, followed by sharing a cup of tea, preparing for her wedding day.

“One of the most special parts of a wedding day, outside of the romance that surrounds the couple, is the bonding that happens between the bride and her best friends as they prepare for the day together,” said Amanda Travis of Fete & Frivolity Events. “Using the friendship between Alice and the Hatter to inspire this Trash the Dress Shoot felt so natural to our team as we built the storyline. Mallorey was about to head out the following day on what would have been her Honeymoon but had become a week long trip with her best girlfriends. We wanted to help her tell the story of the amazing bonds that exist between a woman and her best friends, the kind of bonds that stand the test of time, relationships that come and go, or even feeling like you exist in two separate worlds… yet through all those changes your friendship remains the same.”

For Mallorey, this underwater trash the dress shoot was a dream come true, and it was the perfect way for her to bring something beautiful out of a hard experience.

“It was an incredibly magical experience on my end,” said Mallorey. “There’s something so serene and peaceful about shooting underwater – especially with the situation at hand. It was a truly one of a kind shoot that helps tell my story through photos, and I will treasure it for a lifetime.”

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Photographer: One Sweet World Images // Event Planner: Fête and Frivolity Events, LLC. // Beauty: Spivey lane Salon // Bakery: Sweet Things DFW

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