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The White Heather Wedding – Lauren & Joel

Lauren and Joel were together for a few months when they were in their late teens, but then they didn’t see or hear from each other for ten years because Joel went into the Army and then he lived away. After all that time, he randomly commented on one of Lauren’s Instagram photos, so they got chatting again and went on a date. After their second date, they saw each other pretty much every day and moved in together a couple of months later.

On Christmas Day 2015 Joel proposed – he knew that it was a special time of year for Lauren because her family doesn’t celebrate Christmas but she makes a huge effort every year. Lauren said, “Joel knows this and how I love to celebrate it; it was just perfect.” The happy couple was engaged for just over a year – they simply didn’t want to wait long to start their married lives together!

Lauren planned everything herself, and she says she “really enjoyed planning every single detail just using my Paperchase wedding planner! I wasn’t Bridezilla bout it but I had in my head exactly how I wanted everything and just went with it – and luckily it all just came together! I had really supportive friends and family who were there to help with suggestions whenever I needed them to be, they were brilliant, but also knew how much I enjoy planning!”

When it came to picking a wedding venue, they fell in love with the first place that they saw! Their wedding day was a Saturday, and Lauren went along to The White Heather on Friday afternoon with her Bridal party to dress it exactly as she envisioned. There was a pastel vintage theme throughout the wedding with each bridesmaid wearing a different pastel colour dress and a different neckline. Custom Bakes Lincoln made the wedding cake – it looks like it was super tasty with all different pastels on the outside and even the inside was pastel sponge!

The dessert table looks amazing in the photos below – Custom Bakes Lincoln made macaroons, cupcakes and cake pops, and Lauren made some extra bits like brownies and cakes; they also got some of the pastel rainbow ‘Unicorn poop’ mini meringues from Meringue Girls based in London – this sounds like our idea of sweet heaven!

On the day of the wedding, Lauren had prepared Joel a bag of little presents; a mini Haig Club whiskey, a card, some chocolate, socks, sixpence and Rock n Roll Husband enamel pin. A friend filmed the day, and the couple now looks back and have a giggle at the video because Joel uses the whiskey (which came in an expensive-looking blue bottle) as an aftershave!

Before walking down the aisle, Lauren was ridiculously nervous; so much so that her bridesmaids were going through the vows with her beforehand and she couldn’t even get a sentence out without choking up. She said that “as soon as I got to the end of the aisle and saw Joel my nerves just disappeared, I didn’t even see anyone else and I was fine; all that worry for nothing! It was definitely the happiest day of our lives and was so memorable.”

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The dress Lauren wore was from Louth Bridal Boutique and she said “the owner Naomi is one of the nicest most helpful people I have ever met – I went in there thinking I could never afford one of the dresses but wanted to try on all the beautiful ones because when would I get another chance to?! It was the first shop I had been in. We picked out 10 different styles, and my dress was the 8th one I tried on and I instantly fell in love with it – it was the Ronald Joyce Victoria Jane 17855 and was perfect. She told me the price – from £1400 to £800 in the sale but now down to £500. My budget was £500 – it was like fate”.

“Our reception was so much fun – we just wanted a big party with all our friends and family, and that’s what we got – we had a pizza and cake buffet which was exactly the food you want when you are drinking! We also had a photo booth which I would recommend to any couple getting married; we got an album filled with every photo – it goes from sober posing to absolutely hammered amazing posing, we love looking through it, and it doubled up as a guestbook too.”

The newlywed couple stayed at the hotel on the night of The White Heather wedding and the night after before they headed straight to Heathrow Airport on Monday to fly off to their Honeymoon in Thailand. As husband and wife, they have lots of travel plans, they’ve even said that they want to go to Vegan for their one year anniversary and get their vows renewed!

After the wedding and honeymoon Lauren and Joel have said that it was surprising how sad they both felt that it was all over, it had been so much fun arranging it all, and as it had only been a year, it was a year of constant planning! “Getting to be Mr & Mrs. Coldron is the best feeling though, and it’s still a great feeling every time I say ‘Mrs. Coldron’.”

The White Heather Wedding – Lauren & Joel

Photographer: Mylo Photography // Venue: The White Heather // Wedding dress: Louth Bridal Boutique // Cake: Custom Bakes Lincoln // ‘Unicorn poop’ meringues: The Meringue Girls

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