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Why should you hire a destination wedding planner?

We spoke to Alessandra de Maio from Le Petit O to find out just some of the reasons you should hire a destination wedding planner. We think that wedding planners are definitely worth it, and even more so when you’re planning to get married abroad where it’s potentially not as easy to organise things, so it was great to hear some more reasons that we hadn’t thought of ourselves!

Find your perfect wedding vendors

“Planning a wedding is already quite stressful, planning it from abroad can be extremely difficult. A wedding planner knows all the best locations and can give suggestions to the couple for exactly what they are looking for, helping them with the hospitality and finding the right vendors for them. A wedding planner can inspect the site and take care make sure all of the vendors are fine-tuned, thus being the only landmark of the couple. This is quite beneficial for the couple, as they rely on a single person instead of running through all the different vendors, tons of emails and calls! Moreover, the wedding planner can help them with bureaucracy and documents which is quite often the most crucial and demanding part (especially in Italy!)”

Alessandra brought up the point (which is a major one) that it’s really useful to have someone who speaks both your language and the language of vendors in the country you’re getting married in. You really don’t want anything to get lost in translation on such a special day.

“Also, a wedding planner can definitely help the couple enjoy every moment without cares for the organisation, set-up and coordination… You can get off the plane knowing you chose a person you can trust and that everything will be perfect. I think this feeling is priceless for a bride-to-be.”

“Finally, sometimes vendors tend to make different prices for people who live abroad. The wedding planner carefully avoids this kind of unfair surprises” This last point really shocked us and you certainly don’t want to get stung with any increased prices on your wedding day! 

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