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Why wedding photography is so important!

You know when you come across a business and you just click!? Well, that’s what happened when I bumped into Tasha Puckey Photography on Facebook! She put up a status that made me think “yes girl, the world needs to hear this!” and that’s what this post is going to be about today…. why wedding photography is so important! Tasha raised some points which made me realise that it’s not just a day you’re having photographed, it’s memories that are being captured for a lifetime.

So I’m going to take a back seat and let Tasha Puckey Photography tell you why wedding photography is so important:

Growing up, the only images I remember seeing on the wall were school pictures. You know the funny looking ones with the interchangeable backgrounds, oh and a few Old Mills pictures of my mom and I. My mom also carried around this big brown photo album with pictures of my great-grandmother, my grandmother, aunt and uncles and my baby pictures in it. I loved looking through that photo album every chance I got. The images were so old and so classic. I remember one she had where I was sitting on the sidewalk with my chocolate icing birthday cake. Now I won’t remember that in 20 years… heck, I just remembered that now while writing this.
When I was 16 years old, my family and I were really poor. We moved from house to house, to finally a motel room. I remember getting so mad at my mother for packing that photo album away. My parents promised that they would make sure to get out of storage for me. I couldn’t fathom the thought of family pictures being in the hands of someone that had the authority to throw them away if we missed payments. That’s exactly what happened, we missed one payment and all of my family memories gone with no chance of getting them back. No visual memories of what my great-grandmother looked like because I was too young to remember. That moment in my life jumpstarted my fire into photography.

Tasha Puckey Photography – why wedding photography is so important – photo 1

Every morning during the end of my sophomore year of high school I would go to the beach with my disposable camera in hand and take sunrise pictures. I remember it being so peaceful and beautiful and the still of the moment took my breath away. I would take random images or have people take randoms of myself being silly or what not. I would get them printed every couple of months. It would be so interesting to look back at the crazy hairstyles I had or look at an image and try to remember what I was thinking at the exact moment. To this day, I still carry a box of randoms with images in them call “Florida Box”. I grew up in Florida, hence the name.

Tasha Puckey Photography – why wedding photography is so important – photo 4

After graduation, I moved to PA to be closer to my grandmother who was being ripped apart by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I would take random pictures of her just to have them in my possession. Fast forward to 2005… my first son was born and I vowed to myself that I would document everything about his life, my pregnancy, his birth, etc. Documented, I did! He has pictures of him with his great-grandmother, biological dad, memories of his uncles… and he gets to keep his book with him. Second son came along and the same thing, but this time. I was in college. I decided to get a minor in b/w film photography. Best decision ever! I still love the smell of a dark room!

Tasha Puckey Photography – why wedding photography is so important – photo 3

In 2013, I met my husband Corey shortly after meeting we started dream planning for this DIY wedding we were going to have a “few years later.” Everything from the dresses to the jewellery was pre-planned. February 2014 he proposed me and full planning was in swing.  In my spare time from working a full-time job, I made handwritten signs and thank you notes for our reception. Discussed linens and flowers, DJ’s and catering … the whole 9 yards. One of the main things that were important to me were the photographs of our day. I spoke with a lot of friends that mentioned “ don’t skimp” on your photographer. Corey and I spoke with a photographer, met her… sweet as pie. Loved the images she took, but there wasn’t any real interaction with us. I hated the wedding photos that we received. For the amount of money that we paid, the results were not what we were looking for. There were no gorgeous images of my hubby and I, no images with just his grandparents and I. Our bridal party images weren’t what I expected. There were two images that I like and that was it. All of our hard work and money spent won’t ever make it onto our walls because the images I have aren’t worth that. 

Why wedding photography is so important – Tasha Puckey Photography – photo 2

You can’t relive those memories… it’s your special day. To be honest, I don’t have a single image on my wall of our wedding day! I want you to love your images because after your memory fades away, your images will always stay the same.

Why wedding photography is so important – Tasha Puckey Photography – photo 5

So why am I tell you all of this? Because images matter (totally cliche, I know) but they really do. Invest any our wedding photographer, invest in your family photographer. Take the time to get to know them… If you find that they aren’t for you.. don’t settle.

Why wedding photography is so important – Tasha Puckey Photography – photo 6

Why did I become a full-time photographer? Because I love, love. I love family. I love the way the groom looks at his bride coming down the aisle… that always makes me emotional. I love when the bride and groom read letters to each other and they get all emotional even after the bride has her make up done. I love when they incorporate images or trinkets from family that are no longer with us. When they make their day about themselves and about their family, it makes a stream of tears flow down my face. The feelings that fills the room when a mother sees her daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, its one of the greatest feelings/emotions to experience.  I love meeting new people that become lifelong friends. 

Why wedding photography is so important – Tasha Puckey Photography – photo 7

I will strive to make sure your session or wedding day is exactly what you are looking for. Do you need someone to hold your dress? I am your girl! Are you throwing up need your hair pulled back, that’s me! Your child’s nose running a mile a minute, I’m there to wipe it up even if it’s with my sleeve. Everyone deserves to have the best versions of themselves captured in images to pass on to their families. You deserve to be captured in the way that YOU want to be captured and if I feel like I am not the one for you, I will refer to someone else who will fit your needs. Details are extremely important… and I care about details!  

Why wedding photography is so important – Tasha Puckey Photography – photo 8

All of that really hits a chord with me because Paul and I (the owners of Let’s Bee Together) got married in 2015 and we don’t have any photographs up in our home because I asked my friend to do the photography for me, and whilst they are lovely memories captured, they aren’t necessarily ones I’d want to display. One day we would love to get remarried, not only to declare our love for one another again (with more family this time because we have two children (one’s still just a bun in the oven at the moment)) but also because we would love to have “proper” photographs taken to display on the walls of our home, and to have a coffee table book which we could snuggle on the sofa and peruse through over the many years we’ll be together for. We essentially want to have a whole wedding again purely for beautiful photographs!!

Make sure you invest in the photographer that’s right for you and treasure those images forever!

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