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Winter Engagement at Chautauqua Park – Jordan & Max

A scenic snowy mountain, a couple in love, and their fur baby, does it get any better than that? We certainly don’t think so! Thow a happy dog into the mix of any engagement shoot and you’ve caught our eye!

Jordan and Max hiked into Chautauqua Park, a location with history as rich as Jordan and Max’s love story. The historic landmark dates back over 100 years, to the time when the city of Boulder had just started allotting land for preservation. In 1898 citizens of Boulder approved 80 acres of land to house a Chautauqua assembly – a space for speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and specialists of the day to teach late 19th century and early 20th century adults – and the breathtaking Chautauqua Park was born. Even more special, this Chautauqua is the only one west of the Mississippi River still in operation.

With a history like that, exploring this gorgeous park was even more meaningful for this happy couple. Seemingly oblivious to the historical importance of the area, Kaya (the lovely pooch) bounded in front of them in the snow – sniffing plants and exploring as Jordan and Max snuggled, kissed, and laughed. The couple was so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t even notice their noses turning red from the cold, and continued to smile and hold hands throughout their engagement session.

Just as they thought this winter wonderland engagement session couldn’t get any more magical, two deer ran across their path! Symbolic of the couple’s kindred spirits perhaps, the sighting only added to the magic in the air.

Thank you to From the Hip Photo for sharing these lovely snowy engagement photos with us!

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