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Winter Snowy Engagement – Mackenize & Lucas

“Lucas and I met through a mutual friend in May of last year. I was actually interested in him long before he ever knew I existed. I’ll go ahead and admit it, I “creeped” on his social media several times trying to find out if he had a girlfriend. I ran into our mutual friend one night at a local restaurant and I asked him about Lucas, my heart may have fluttered a little when he told me that Luke was single! A week later I got a message from him asking me on a date. Little did he know it was my birthday, and him asking me on a date beat everyone else’s gifts hands down!”

“Our engagement story is hilarious to me and I love every part of! As I mentioned before, we both love hunting, so I didn’t find it odd when he asked me to go deer hunting on a Saturday morning. I had never killed a deer with my bow so he told me he would take me where he had some small bucks on camera to see if I could get a shot at one. Well not only did I get a shot at one, I got three shots at once, and I missed him every single time. At this point, I’m actually crying in the tree stand and he is laughing, which only made me want to cry more because I was so mad! I was out of arrows for my bow so I told him I wanted to get down out the tree, seeing as how we had no ammo.  After we got down he told me to look through the trail camera pictures. As I’m looking through them I notice his mom, dressed in all black, bobbing in and out of the weeds about 100 yards from us. I asked him what in the world she was doing and he played it off really well by acting mad that she was so close to us while we were hunting. So I didn’t think much of it and I continued to look through the pictures, all 314 of them! They were all junk pictures and I asked several times why I had to keep looking through them, and he continued to give me a reason so I kept looking. Keep in mind I can still see his mom popping up out of the grass and from behind trees occasionally. The confusion in my head at this point is unreal! I’m totally not excepting what is getting ready to happen. When I finally got to the end of the pictures it was a picture of Luke holding a sign that said “The hunt is over” and he was down on one knee when I turned around. After I said “Yes” I heard his mom yelling “I take it she said yes?!” That’s when I realized she had been hiding in the weeds to take pictures of the proposal! I’m sure we have some people that doubt us because we had only been together 5 months when we got engaged, but it as the easiest question I have ever had to answer!”

MacKenzie had met her prince charming and he got down on his knee and asked the ‘big question’ and without hesitation, MacKenzie said, ‘yes.’ All of her dreams were coming true. Lucas and MacKenzie made a photo session appointment for they wanted to capture this special moment. Lucas and MacKenzie wanted their pictures taken outside even though it was winter and the weather was always unpredictable in Avery County. MacKenzie and Lucas thought that the only thing that would make their shoot ‘perfect’ would be snow. Yes, snow! They loved snow, the pure white, sparkly, unique, cold stuff. So they said a little prayer and guess what? MacKenzie and Lucas’ prayer for the white sparkly stuff was answered. For Lucas and MacKenzie, their engagement session was perfection, like a snowflake, unique and one of a kind.

Thank you to Shannon Benfield Photography for sharing these snowy engagement photos with us!

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