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Wintery Mountain Wedding – Ashley & Ricardo

Ashley and Ricardo met and fell in love in college, early on. They shared laughs and dreams and hopes. They built a life together that they could never have imagined. But most of all they built a love so rich, so full and deep it is something to be admired, celebrated and strived for.

Their wedding day at the Westin in Beaver Creek began with laughter, smiles and doting. The boys were just as lively and joyous as the girls. It was the most beautiful day outside. The girls were all decked out with their firs that they got as a sweet gift from Ashley and the boys were warm enough to want to tie their ties on the deck, overlooking the beautiful scenery.

The ceremony went off with out a hitch. It was in Spanish and English reflecting both of their heritage and cultures. The priest was wonderful. He was sweet and funny and he said some of the most beautiful things about marriage. Ashley and Ricardo had been waiting for this moment for a long time and he perfectly stated the foundation they laid and the excitement of being intertwined as one in God’s eyes.

The reception was elegant and lively. It started with being announced by Ashley’s dad who is a real live sports announcer. You could tell by his booming voice! What a way to make an entrance. They danced before it was officially time, toasting throughout the night and exclaiming their joy. Everyone was so excited to see these two tie the knot and they were going to celebrate until their feet and voices gave out.

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Photographer: Elevate Photography // Venue: The Westin Riverfront Beaver CreekVail Interfaith Chapel // Event Planner: Savanna Brown // Cinema & Video: Jeff Dinges // Makeup Artist: Makeup with Mel // Officiant: St Patricks // Caterer: Taste 5 Catering // Floral Designer: Plum Sage Flowers // Bakery: Cake Heads

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