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Romantic and Elegant California Vineyard Wedding - Anais & Derek

Anais and Derek don’t have your typical love story. Meeting at an Apple store while getting her phone fixed, their relationship grew and blossomed into something magical. Through a series of broken phones and Instagram messages, Anais and Derek’s relationship blossomed, resulting in a grand proposal under the Urban Lights... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE
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Photo by: Three16 Photography (
Photo by: Three16 Photography (

Wedding advice - get a head start on planning - Grace & Tyler

"Definitely get a head start on planning. We took about a year to plan ours and sometimes I felt like “if I just had another month!!” The weeks before is when you start to worry about little stuff. But honestly I had to keep telling myself “no one will notice... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

    Joshua Tree Desert Elopement

    This beautiful elopement styled shoot took place in Joshua Tree California, where the perfect weather, lighting and surroundings came together to create a colour palette and vibe that you can only find in the desert. The Southern California models, planners and vendors brought together a look that accentuated the best... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

    Classic chic wedding at Penha Longa Resort - Rebeca & Joao

    João and Rebeca first met each other on July 1, 2013, on the first day of their orientation for residency at Montefiore Hospital in New York. João was starting his first year of internal medicine, and Rebeca was starting her general practice residency for dentistry. It took them about a... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

      Wedding advice - hire a wedding coordinator - Grechen & Mark

      "It was stressful and time consuming but totally worth it! Months later we are still getting compliments on the little things that we weren't sure if anyone would even notice. We also started with a budget that quickly grew but we don't regret that either. We got our perfect day... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

        Bear's Den Whimsical Mountain Overlook Styled Shoot

        This whimsical mountain overlook styled shoot took place at Bear's Den mountain with two models that originally dated in high school and found themselves reunited after college. They started dating and now have a June wedding planned this year.We love the simplicity of this styled shoot, with a table for... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

        Intimate Wedding on the Bay Inspiration

        Inspired by the more delicate side of winter, the rosy cheeks, the cozy snuggles with loved ones and the beauty of soft lace and florals. Mixed with the natural winter elements of evergreen and pine cones, this intimate styled shoot was the perfect blend to inspire the soft beautiful use... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

        Wedding Advice - pray every night - Jessica & Tyler

        Since being married, this couple tries their best to read a devotion together and pray every night before going to bed. Jessica and Tyler have already faced several situations that have required them to make tough decisions. "We try to love each other with Christ like love that is unconditional... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

          Secret Garden Wedding in the Coast of Spain

          Olive trees, a secret garden in the middle of the city and the sun of Spain. This shoot brings back so many happy memories for me, after having lived in Spain, on the Costa Del Sol, for a few years and wanting to move back there when our children are... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

          Trump Winery Wedding - Brittany & Kevin

          Brittany and Kevin met in college at UVA and the first time Kevin saw Brittany, he told his friends he was going to marry her. Two college graduates later and now they are married!What a gorgeous day for a wedding at Trump Winery! The ceremony took place at the tiniest,... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE