Be as flexible as possible - Jordan & Brett

"I am normally a very strict and sometimes stressed out type of planner. However, because I knew I was taking on a challenging task (planning a wedding in a different state) I decided to go with the flow and be as flexible as possible. Not stressing out about small details... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

The Farm at Swan's Trail Wedding - Jordan & Brett

Brett and Jordan met as many millennial couples are meeting these days, online. After a couple days of good conversation they decided to set up a date at a local Mexican restaurant. Jordan is usually always early but made sure to be fashionably late as she was very nervous. Brett... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Sans Souci Farms Wedding - Taylor & Devin

Taylor and Devins beautiful wedding took place outdoors at a hay Farm. So much greenery and simplistic beauty! This couple had so much entertainment at their wedding - a vintage bus, a to dog stand, photo booth.... Let us know what kind of entertainment you had or are planning to have... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

A Romantic Charlotte Wedding - Liliana & Chris

Liliana and Chris met the very first time at the New years party at their church. When asked about their relationship they answered: "We are two people who are extensively alike. We are each others bestest friend and we love to be together. We are goofy and understand each other... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Blue and White Garden Inspired Lakeside Wedding - Brittany & Ian

Brittany and Ian met at a New Year’s Eve party. Ian’s best friend happened to be Brittany’s old neighbour. After Brittany’s neighbour moved away, his family continued to host a New Year’s Eve party every year that her family was always invited to. One year, Brittany didn’t have any plans... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

An Elawa Farm Wedding - Emily & Steven

Emily and Steven met online, via the dating app Bumble and the day before their two-year anniversary, Steven recreated their first date (a picnic in Lincoln Park) to propose. It was the hottest day of the year, but they say that they wouldn't change anything! He secretly had his brother... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Clean, Classic, and Romantic Wedding - Melissa & Ryan

Ryan and Melissa met as freshman at Springfield College. They lived on the same floor as one another and quickly became best friends. They would joke all the time that they were going to get married one day. They would write each other letters and in one he even asked... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Don’t get so lost - Rebekah & Cody

"Don’t get so lost in all the details and planning that you forget to enjoy the process of this entire day and moment. No matter what the decorations look like or how perfect everything looks, at the end of the day you still get to marry the person you love... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Elegant Mountain Farm Wedding - Rebekah & Cody

Rebekah and Cody met in Senior year of high school. They were participating in a fundraiser for a school club and dressed up as the cast of Frozen. Cody was Kristoff and Rebekah was Elsa. They changed the storyline of the movie with their love story with Kristoff marrying Elsa. For the... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE

Find tiny ways to make your wedding stand out - Jackie & Matt

“Find tiny ways to make your wedding stand out as your own. We found plenty of inspiration from wedding blogs and magazines but always tried to put our own spin on those to make the celebration feel unique to us. Also, if your budget can allow it, don’t hesitate on... READ THE FULL POST READ MORE